One of our top sellers.


100% proceeds from these items go to Temple Cat Care charity, providing aid to homeless and unwanted street and temple cats in Thailand.


Handmade by our volunteers, these crazy cat kickers are 9" (23cms) long., and made with a strong 100% cotton outer.


They contain a choice of attractant.

* Catnip
* Silvervine
* Valerian


Catnip is well known to almost everyone as a plant that attracts cats. However, some cats do not respond to it. What is not so well known is that there are alternatives. 


Silvervine is sometimes known as "Japanese catnip". In fact it is not even from the same family. It is, as the name suggests, a vine, mainly grown in Asia. I have personally found Silvervine to be the most effective of all attractants. 


Valerian root, is used by humans as a calming tea. In cats, valerian root has the opposite effect, making them very playful and euphoric.


Design may vary.

Crazy Cat Kicker Toy

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